Break the Ice!
Break The Ice!
Free the Pack from their frozen trap!


Left and right - move, up - jump, down - spin jump and the spacbar - special attack.




Easy, medium and hard.

Number of lifes:

Easy - x5, medium - x4, hard - x3.



The Legion of Low Tide has captured the Sushi Pack and hidden them in the Green Donut! Rescue the Pack by finding them and freeing them from their frozen trap!

How to Play:Edit

  • Use arrow keys to move through game.
  • Use spacebar to release special power to knock out ice cubes.
  • Rescue frozen Sushi Pack teammates by stepping on the maki roll next to them.


  • Follow the arrow if you're not sure which direction to go in.
  • When you see "food menus" stop by them for helpful hints!
  • Keep an eye on your energy meter. Some objects give you energy and some take it away.


In the game, you get a number of lives shown next to your score. As you play, keep an eye on your energy meter. Look at the objects on the right to see which give you energy and which take away.


Stop by menus when you see them for useful hints!

Things that help and hurt:Edit


Ice cube - 5pts.

Small donut - 50pts & 5 energy pts.

Big donut - 250pts & 25 energy pts.

Spoons - high bounce.

Menus - hints.


Rolling eggs, pepper clouds, icy winds, cacti, bread, candy bears, frozen peas and ovens.


Level 1:Edit

Wasabi has to rescue Ikura by defeating Mochi Mocchiato.

Level 2:Edit

Ikura has to rescue Maguro by defeating Unagi.

Level 3:Edit

Maguro has to rescue Tako by defeating Fugu.

Level 4:Edit

Tako has to rescue Kani by defeating Uni.

Level 5:Edit

Kani has to rescue the rest of the Sushi Pack by defeating Toro, and climbing to the top of the course.