Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 26 November 3, 2007 February 23, 2008
  2 26 September 13, 2008 February 28, 2009

Season 1: 2007-2008Edit

  • This season consists of 26 episodes.
Series # Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Prod. code Morals
1-2 1-2 But is it Art?/Wassup Wasabi? November 3, 2007 101-102 Never think about yourself, and everyone has feelings.
"But is it Art?":Boo Boy, Groaning Pizza, Whistler's Goat and The Shrieker, from the museum, are stolen and came to life by The Collector, except Tako's paintings.

"Wassup Wasabi":Wasabi gets teased by his friends and he runs off crying and got kidnapped by the Legion of Low Tide.

3-4 3-4 No Clowning Around /World's Tastiest Heroes November 10, 2007 103-104 Listen to understand, and do not brag.
"No Clowning Around": Sir Darkly is walking past the people in Wharf City and making a storm by collecting tears from everyone he meets in Wharf City!

"World's Tastiest Heroes":The Pack must save the day when the Superheroes from their favorite reality TV show are captured by an invading alien called Apex.

5-6 5-6 Go With the Glow/Poached Salmon November 17, 2007 105-106 Talk it out, and think before you move.
"Go With the Glow":Maguro and Tako's bickering over the importance of art vs. mediation keeps them from stopping the Low Tide from causing a city-wide brown out.

"Poached Salmon":Ikura's impulsiveness causes the Sushi Pack to get caught up in a trap set by the evil gourmet, Oleander.

7-8 7-8 Deep Freeze/Satel Lightning November 24, 2007 107-108 Never become friends with enemies,
""Deep Freeze":Maguro becomes friends with Mochi Mochiato and the rest of the Pack are not happy. They challenge the Legion of Low Tide to an epic showdown to settle it once and for all.

"Satel Lightning":After an asteroid hits a satellite, it merges and becomes a robot monster. The Pack must decide what to do and how to save the day.

9-10 9-10 Red Hot Chilli Planet/Sweet Tooth December 1, 2007 109-110 Compromise, and do not eat too much junk food.
"Red Hot Chilli Planet":After seeing a global warming video, The Sushi Pack end up meeting a group of heroes named the Hot Squad. Now they must stop this squad from turning up the heat and destroying the world.

"Sweet Tooth":After eating massive amounts of Jimmy's candy, Wasabi becomes addicted and overweight. Now the Pack must train Wasabi back into shape.

11-12 11-12 Taming the Gaming/Rex Marks the Spot December 8, 2007 111-112 Never do too much of anything, and speak up.
"Taming the Gaming":Tako jeopardizes a mission when he becomes addicted to video games. 

"Rex Marks the Spot": When Tako doesn't get a comic book ring from Ben, he becomes jealous and loses a mission for the Pack.

13-14 13-14 When Will Ben Be Zen?/Wharf City on the Half-Shell December 15, 2007 113-114 Make a stand, and compromise.
"When Will Ben Be Zen?":When a health inspector tries to close the Green Donut, Ben tries to prove his worth to the Pack by keeping the shop open.

"Wharf City on the Half-Shell": A giant space clam attacks the city and it's up to the Sushi Pack to save the day.

15-16 15-16 Dough Ray Me/Sign of the Tuna December 22, 2007 115-116 Team always comes first, and never bring enemies back to secret place.
"Dough Ray Me":

After Ikura leaves for family matters, the Sushi Pack must defend Wharf City from mutant cookies in search of the "White Treasure."

"Sign of the Tuna": Toro gets injured in a fight and Maguro decides that it would be a good idea to have him stay in the secret hideout.

17-18 17-18 The Yam Yakkers/Dungeon of the Crab December 29, 2007 117-118 Responsibility always come first, and stay with the allocated team.
"The Yam Yakkers":

Sir Darkly, White Oleander and Titanium Chef become an evil group known as the Yam Yakkers. While the Sushi Pack try and stop their evil plans, Ikura and Wasabi focus all their energy on seeing the new Aquabot-Boy movie.

"Dungeon of the Crab": When a pearl is stolen from a science museum, the Pack split into two squads and get lost in a dungeon.

19-20 19-20 Deep Sea Diver Dude/Fish Tales February 2, 2008 119-120 Family is here when you find it, never spread rumors, and lie.
"Deep Sea Diver Dude":

Feeling upset that he has no family, Tako wallows in his self pity. All of a sudden, he receives a mysterious invitation in the mail.

"Fish Tales": When Wasabi accidentally overhears Kani talking to Ikura, he misunderstands the situation.

21-22 21-22 The Thing That Wasn't There/Starring Ikura February 9, 2008 121-122 Trust everyone, and do not upstage anyone.
"The Thing That Wasn't There": Maguro loses trust in the Pack when they don't believe that she sees a monster attacking the city.

"Starring Ikura": When Ikura accidentally stars in a hit television show, the fame goes to his head.

23-24 23-24 Give Peas a Chance/Chemicals Made from Dirt February 16, 2008 123-124 Do not let stress get in the way of your favourite things, be yourself, and do not do anything bad like anyone else does.
"Give Peas a Chance":

Ben gets stressed out over a big donut order and takes it out on Wasabi, hurting his feelings. This jeopardizes the Sushi Pack's mission where they must stop an army of evil frozen vegetables from freezing the city.

"Chemicals Made from Dirt": Titanium Chef makes a shoe cleaner that causes everyone to feel extremely cold. The Sushi Pack must then find a way to save the day.

25-26 25-26 So Says Who?/Darkness and Spice February 23, 2008 125-126 Respect each other, always work together, and face your fears.
"So Says Who?":

Tako and Maguro have different views on who screwed up an important mission. Now the Sushi Pack have to figure out exactly what happened in order to fix it.

"Darkness, and Spice": Wasabi's fear of the dark causes problems for the Pack when they try to capture Uni at an amusement park.

This is the season 1 finale.

Season 2: 2008-2009Edit