"Sushi Pack!"

- Catchphrase at the end of the episode.
The Pack

The entire Sushi Pack, ready for action here.

The Sushi Pack is a pack of sushi that works together to fight crime. Their sworn enemy is the Legion of Low Tide. They fight for justice and honor.


  • Ikura Maki - Orange Salmon. He has the power to shoot sticky fish eggs. He is usually calm, but tends to feel an urge to compete with his teammates, which can cause competition. And, he sometimes looks out for Kani and he has a crush on her. (Andrew Francis)
  • Kani Maki - Pink Crab. Her pigtails are tough crab claws, which she uses to give her foes a powerful pinch. She can be grouchy and often claims others are "making me crabby". She is close friends with Maguro, both of them being the only female members of the pack. (Chiara Zanni)
  • Maguro Maki - Purple Esper Tuna. Possesses psychic powers, including levitation and telekinesis. She is 'in tune with her inner tuna'. She is close friends with Kani, and is known to have a friendship with Mochi Mochiato. (Tara Strong)
  • Tako Maki - Blue Octopus. He is the unofficial goodness and has six long tentacle arms, and a fake eye patch. Tako speaks in a British accent. He would rather use his powers of shooting multi-colored ink to be a world renowned painter than to fight evil. (Rick Adams)
  • Wasabi Pow - Yellow Wasabi. A smaller, and speechless member of the Sushi Pack. A spicy ball of hot mustard, he speaks hot sauce and can only communicate with squeaky noises, and has the power to shoot fireballs at foes. (Scott McNeil

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