"Sweet Tooth" is the ninth episode and is the third episode overall of Sushi Pack. It premired on December 10, 2007 and was paired up with Red Hot Chilli Planet.

Plot Edit

After eating massive amounts of Jimmy's candy, Wasabi becomes addicted and overweight. Now the Pack must train Wasabi back into shape.

Summary Edit

The episode starts with Maguro walking in the streets with a piece of litter and dropping it in the street. This causes the red alert code 7 alarm to activate with Ikura, Tako and Kani to go out and find an evil doer, but it was all a test and Maguro told them that they've failed because one member is missing.

After thinking, an overweight Wasabi came and starts to become tired leaving the others shocked. Tako says that he needs major downtime. Maguro asks him to go the Green Donut and lay in a bed of lettuce but Wasabi despised this by blowing a raspberry. Ikura asks what's a red alert code 7 alarm, and Maguro said that a Wharf citizen failed to put litter to it's proper place. This made Tako, Ikura and Kani panic.

Meanwhile a boy named Sugar Jimmy is telling the audience to put on their peppermint specs and found a few with some frowns. He tells the audience to eat a Sugar Jimmy Golden Flaubble Baubble Bar. With Wasabi watching while eating the said product. The rest of the pack found litter in the counter with Wasabi falling off.

Wasabi tries to apologize but was distracted by the Sugar Jimmy Sweet Tooth pledge. Tako says that he is out control of the bars but Wasabi says he isn't. After that, Sugar Jimmy's show came to an end