Tako: i'm a swisser with my knife, oh no, what the hell are you doing!

Wasabi: Sorry Bitches, You're gonna be ALIVE!!!

Kani: But Dad.

Wasabi: No More Buts, Just Clean!

Uni: Thanks for coming.

-At Wasabi's House-

Maguro: Daddy!

Tako: What?

Maguro: Your Wife Kani & Your Dad's Here at work

Ikura: Toro is my uncle.

Tako: yeah, so my wing are asian zing so do you want it.

Ikura & Maguro: Okay.

Ikura: i really like cashew teriyaki salad when i was 63 years old.

Kani: Yes, But Now, You're Only 12 years old now.

Wasabi: My Son really want salad, hahahahaha.

Kani & Tako: Ok, Dad.

-At Ikura's Room-

Ikura: Maguro, Get in your bed now.

Maguro: well, i'm only 13 years old now Budding everybody, Mochi Mochiato is my Nana, but she is 63 years old now Kissing My Hair.

Ikura: No she didn't.

Maguro: Yes, She Did.

Ikura: Wasabi Pow is my grandpa, so he is 77 years old now Kissing your nana.

-At School-

Maguro: i got to eHarmony, so i got a crush on 283 boys

Fugu: Access Denied.

Ikura: i love girl like nickelodeon