Wasabi Pow
Wasabi pow
Scott McNeil as Wasabi Pow
Gender Male
Ability Throws fireballs of hot wasabi mustard
Portrayer Scott McNeil
First Episode "But is it Art?"
Last Episode "Fair Share For Sure"
Affiliation Sushi Pack
Known As Super Hottie; The Bomb!
Location Wharf City

Wasabi Pow is a member of the Sushi Pack. He is a glob of wasabi mustard. He is most notable for speaking in incomprehensible burbles and having flame-related powers.


Even though he is the smallest member of the Sushi Pack, he has no trouble dishing out heaps of flaming mustard. Also, he only communicates using squeaky noises, but his friends understand him clearly.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Wasabi is a green little guy with a symbol of which appears to be a piece of sushi, He has a little piece of green fire on his forehead, and has no fingers.


Wasabi is not currently in a relationship, but most of the females in Wharf City call him a "cute little guy". And his rivalry versus the Legion of Low Tide is still confusing. Well, possibly his rival is Toro because his fight always blow everyone else and like Fugu he can blow everything in his black dust. Maybe his rival is Toro because those two are the most childish on their group but don't think Toro is his main rival. His main rival possibly the other villain.

-Ikura Maki: He once became Wasabi's rival because they were fighting over Mochi Mocchiato because they want to be Mochi's boyfriend. Finally, Wasabi realizes that he too young become a boyfriend and he and Ikura become friends again.

Official ProfilesEdit

AGKidZone Website: The smallest member of the pack - a fiery glob of cuddly spice that doesn't speak. Despite his stunted stature, he is a powerhouse - albeit a cute one!

Neopets Sushi Pack Promotional Website: Wasabi is the smallest member of the Pack, adorable and cuddly but is too hot to handle! He is shy but intimidating and daring but gullible.