Wassup Wasabi?
Season 1, Episode 2
Wassup Wasabi
Air date November 3, 2007
Written by Nicholas Hollander
Directed by Tom Ruegger
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But is it Art?
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Wassup Wasabi? is the second episode and was paired with But is it Art?. It was aired on November 3, 2007.


This episode starts with a Sushi Pack/Low Tide face-off right off the bat, but no banter. Later, Sophia Tucker reports from the scene about how the Sushi Pack prevented the Legion from messing with the city's electrical grid, and openly fangirls over Wasabi. Tako takes offense at this, since the rest of the Pack's part in saving the day was belittled as a consequence. Ikura makes fun of how Sophia called Wasabi "so cute!" and Tako and Kani comment a little on this, pointing out that technically Wasabi is a condiment, not actual sushi. All this hits the way-too-sensitive Wasabi right where it hurts, and he runs off crying. Although the rest of the Pack calls out after him, he leaves the Green Donut entirely. Ben shows up to accuse them of teasing, even though if anything, it was only Ikura who did any actual teasing, and gives them the lesson of the day: everyone has feelings. Amusingly, the animators have everyone look contrite, except for Maguro (who made no comments during the earlier discussion), who looks angry instead. Wasabi is wandering the streets, howling like a wolf and is instantly noticed by Titanium Chef (first appearance, yeah!), who spies on him via periscope. He makes an "opportunity knocks" comment to the other members of the Legion, and then gives a fake call for help. Wasabi, like a dummy, rushes right into the sushi restaurant that he really should recognize as belonging to his archenemy. Unless the Pack doesn't know where the Legion's hideout is? Could it be like in Dokkoidda?!, with the Pack and the Legion living across the street from each other and never knowing it? No, wait, Mochi knew where the Pack lives in Deep Freeze, so yeah, Wasabi's just stupid or naive, or both, and is captured immediately. The rest of the Pack are currently flying around, trying to track Wasabi's mustard spice level, but so far, nothing. Maguro seems to be the one the most touched by this, though. Back with the Legion, Wasabi is inside an ice cage, while Titanium Chef explains that while the other Pack members lose their powers in the heat, Wasabi is affected by the cold. He also cruelly places a photo of the Pack that he just happens to have in front of Wasabi to further break his spirit. While he waits, he pulls out the book of Chum Chop (described as Ancient Sushi Recipes for Mayhem and Chaos here) and prepares the recipe Bunque a'Rouix Bunk Aru (according to the closed captions, anyway), for duplication and deception. The most important ingredient is essence of stone toad, to remove feelings and emotions (aren't those the same thing?). Meanwhile, Maguro worries about Wasabi, but Tako tells her to relax, Wasabi is probably fine. Falser words could not be spoken, as Titanium Chef snags a piece of Wasabi's flame and adds it to the pot, laughing maniacally (see, Tako, that's how it's done!). An exact copy of Wasabi climbs out, and everyone bows. Titanium Chef tells the others that the copy has no emotions whatsoever, and the real Wasabi freaks. There's a bit of banter, and then Titanium Chef orders the Legion to go back to the power plant, and they head out, except for Unagi, who tells Titanium Chef about a bit of spinach caught in his teeth. And the Legion is off!

The Pack unknowingly picks up on the copy Wasabi's signal, and head for the power plant. Back at the restaurant, Wasabi shivers in the cold while Titanium Chef rubs the Pack's impending failure in his face. Once he leaves, Wasabi sheds tears as he looks at the photo and remembers the others telling him they love him. This gives him strength! After a few false starts, he gets his flame back to normal size and bursts free of his bindings. He torches the restaurant door (I hope Titanium Chef has fire insurance...) and heads out. The Pack follows a radar straight to the copy Wasabi, who immediately opens fire. The Pack takes cover and assumes that "Wasabi" is still mad at them. They come out, all contrite, but before the copy can attack again, the real Wasabi shows up and starts attacking his clone. The rest of the Pack is suitably surprised at seeing two Wasabis, but have no clue how to tell them apart. The two Wasabis fight, but they are too equally matched. Maguro calls on Tako to think of something, and so Tako goes into his multi-head thought process, but gets distracted by his good looks. But he gets it together and comes up with a solution: they need to apologize to Wasabi! The rest of the Pack is surprised by this, so Tako explains, and even imitates Ben, that if they apologize for hurting Wasabi's feelings, the real one will be touched. So they step into the fray and get both Wasabi's attention. Everyone adds to the apology, and indeed, the real Wasabi bursts into (happy) tears, leading to hug time all around. The Pack, whole again, gets ready to lay the smack down on the copy Wasabi, but before they even leap, the copy starts to disintegrate. This isn't made very clear, but after watching this a few times, I think what happened is that Wasabi's tears hit the copy, and that's what destroyed it. Maguro comments that "without feelings or emotions, it didn't stand a chance," No matter, the rest of the Legion shows up to finish their earlier job, but are beaten even more easily than at the start. They make a run for it, and Titanium Chef, watching through old-fashioned binoculars, gnashes his teeth so hard that he cracks one. Back at the Green Donut, Maguro lays down a new rule: no more teasing (Ikura and Kani don't seem to jibe with this, but that could just be the animators). Wasabi says something, so Ikura comments "Wasabi, you really are amazing," and Maguro maintains that they'll always stick together from now on.


Sushi Pack Episode 1b Wassup Wasabi

Sushi Pack Episode 1b Wassup Wasabi

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